Partner Events

A Taste Of Natural Dye and Leather Craft Workshop

The Backward Vendor x seventyfive

18-20 September 2020
From 17/09/2020 to 17/09/2020

Mon-Thu 11am-5pm, Fri 6pm-9pm, Sat-Sun 11am-5pm
The Backward Vendor
Unit 23, Gossamer City Project
The Oval, London
E2 9FN


seventyfive is a fashion brand based in North London focusing on handmade garments, accessories and hand crafts. seventyfive integrates aesthetics prominent in (North Eastern) Chinese, Cantonese and transnational Chinese craft, design and culture.

Our garments are a relationship between body, object and memory. In this way, these garments represent my memory and experience. seventyfive as a brand is an expression of the places my family and I have called and still call home. seventyfive is also where I live, where I learnt the techniques being used in this brand's handmade garments. This makes seventyfive a reflection on personal experience and memory.

Through this brand, my memories and the memories shared to me by my family intersect with my experiences in London, including my time at Central Saint Martins and the Royal College of Art. seventyfive is also a change of pace; it is the exploration and practice of slow-fashion. I am attempting to create garments that will live as long as the people and memories that inspired them.